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An old way in a new world

About us

The Contractor Co-op was born out of a perceived need for a safe and secure environment for contractors to go about their day to day activities. We want to put you back in control.


The Contractor Co-op is an innovative, employee owned, managed and guided company, providing customers with skilled contractors across a range of industries and professions.


We are fully committed to the co-operative values and principles to ensure that everything we do benefits our members, our customers and the wider business community which we serve.


Becoming a member is easy. Once you are an employee of the Contractor Co-op you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a membership share for £1. As a member you will be entitled to attend and vote at shareholder meetings and even put yourself forward to become a member of the Shareholder Board. Obviously we do not expect you to spend time in the administration of the Contractor Co-op, we have a team of staff to do that.


We must point out that membership of the Contractor Co-op does not mean that you will be able to receive dividends, however, it does mean that you will be part of a community of contractors just like you and you will be able to have a say on the strategic direction of the business.


For more background information on what being part of a worker co-operative means for you please see our contractor guide Working in a Co-operative



The Contractor Co-op is 100% dedicated to compliance. No offshore companies or loan schemes to worry about, just a straightforward approach with your best interests at heart.



The projections we provide are clear, and accurate based on the personal information we gather from you. No inflated and unrealistic figures created just to get you to sign up, but an honest explanation of what you can expect if you decide to join us.



The Contractor Co-op is wholly owned and controlled by the members it serves. All decisions are taken as a collective for the benefit of the Contractor Co-op putting you in control and making you part of a wider community of contractors.



We are driven by a desire to provide an honest and trustworthy service both for contractors and recruiters. We are both knowledgeable and practical and we believe this enables us to provide you with the information you need to make better financial decisions.



We are proud of our knowledge and understanding of the market and with access to in house tax and legal advice we are perfectly placed to keep up to speed with any changes which might affect your world.


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