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The Contractor Co-op becomes an Approved Umbrella with Professional Passport

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

The Contractor Co-op is delighted to have been recognised as an Approved Provider by the independent professional membership organisation Professional Passport.

‘We were attracted to the principles and independence of Professional Passport, which in many ways mirror our own working practices and the fact that this allowed them to provide a clear and unbiased appraisal of our umbrella provision.’
Chris Mattingly, CEO, The Contractor Co-op

As the first and only umbrella company in the UK market that is a worker co-operative and member of Co-operatives UK, the Contractor Co-op is 100% dedicated to compliance, service and efficiency. The rigorous auditing of our systems and procedures by Professional Passport gives external verification of that fact and gives recruiters who enter into contracts with the Contractor Co-op the added security of the organisation’s £5 million debt transfer liability insurance.

‘Professional Passport look forward to working with the Contractor Co-op and are pleased to be involved with the first worker co-operative in the UK umbrella market.’
Crawford Temple, Managing Director, Professional Passport

The Contractor Co-op is fully committed to the co-operative values and principles to ensure that everything we do benefits our members, our customers and the wider business community which we serve. We are proud of our knowledge and understanding of the contracting market and are driven by a desire to provide an honest, efficient and trustworthy service to both contractors and recruiters.

In addition to being approved by Professional Passport and being a member of Co-operatives UK, the Contractor Co-operative is affiliated with the WTT Group which has a deep knowledge of the contractor sector and its challenges.

‘I am proud to be connected with the Contractor Co-op.
In a world which has undergone a period of unprecedented change in both working practices and legislation, the Contractor Co-op provides a way for contractors to come together, learn together, pull in a single direction and begin to take more control of the regulatory, legal and commercial environment in which they work. This will be good for all involved; contractors, agencies, recruiters and end clients as what is right and compliant for one is right and compliant for all.’
Graham Webber, Director of Tax, WTT Consulting

In a competitive market the Contractor Co-op stands out from the crowd and our accreditation with Professional Passport gives contractors and recruiters alike confidence in our 100% commitment to best practice as an umbrella company.

To find out how the Contractor Co-op can support you please call us on 020 3468 0009 or email

We look forward to hearing from you!

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